Songs for a New World Order
a rhythmic remedy for a heartless world

I’ve got some bad news. Our messy dumpster-fire of a world is hurtling through space on a one way ticket to its own demise, and the only way we can save it, is to sing...for a new world order. After a successful premier at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival, and an officially selected extended run at The Second City Toronto’s John Candy Box Series, musical comedian, Anesti Danelis, brings his delightfully dark acoustic comedy to the 2018 Montreal and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in hopes of spreading his message of love, and woke-ness. One city, with a fringe festival, at a time.

With a style that sits deadpanned between Flight of the Conchords, and Tim Minchin, Anesti Danelis serenades you with his dynamic, witty, and ridiculous songs that has earned him official selections to the Chicago Sketchfest (2017, 2018), Montreal Sketchfest (2017), and Fresh Notes Fest (2018). Directed by Tricia Black (Songbuster: An Improvised Musical NNNN - Now Magazine, The Sketchersons: Sunday Night Live, Tweed and Company) Songs for a New World Order is a surreal take on the mundane struggles threatening our humanity. From the deep dark secrets we suppress (shhhhh) to the slow walkers we can’t surpass (why can’t they just f*@#-ing move?), these catchy songs will leave your heart full and your mind woke. But not just regular woke. Woke AF...AP. Woke as fast as possible.

*Update: Anesti Danelis has been nominated for the Amused Moose Comedy Award 2018 for Songs for a New World Order*

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Anesti Danelis delivers the funny with a hefty side of heart. Not only were his songs
expertly composed, his lyrics were freaking hilarious.
Danelis is goofily charming, and self-deprecatingly hilarious...If musical comedies are
your thing Songs for a New World Order will surely delight you as it did me.
Blessed with a lovely voice, really good timing, and an excellent deadpan
— Cult MTL

Songs for a New World Order
@ the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Electronic Press Kit

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Show Dates
Aug 2nd - 18th
12:00 - 13:00 (noon)
Venue #259
Laughing Horse @ The Hanover Tap

August 19 & 21st
(just added)
14:00 - 1500
Venue #297
Laughing Horse @ The Wee Pub

August 20th - 24th
(just added)
00:30 - 1:30 (late night)
Venue #97
Laughing Horse @ The Newsroom


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"brilliant blend of sharp wit, optimism and perfectly dark humour"
★★★★★ - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
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Best Comedy Show Nominee - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Amused Moose Comedy Awards Finalist 2018
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Audience reviews

Wow! @AnestiDanelis absolutely amazing - side splitting @edfringe a must see!!
— @quickdrawradio
Anesti Danelis. Must see at the Fringe #SFANWO
— @financialbird
Would highly recommend @AnestiDanelis at @edfringe! My face is sore from laughing. Great musical comedy! #Fringe #SFANWO
— @moneilled
With one day remaining finally made it to @canadahubfringe to see @AnestiDanelis... did not disappoint, excellent musical comedy from the six! #EdFringe #freefringe
— @kaylakurin
@AnestiDanelis Very clever lyrics. Enjoyed immensely
— angela (twitter)
Loved the show @AnestiDanelis #sfanwo Check it out if you’re in town! #fringe #musicalcomedygenius
— @helenroutledge
Great hour of original unique musical comedy. Highly recommended. #SFANWO #edfringe2018
— @orchardgeorge1
Just saw @AnestiDanelis @edfringe totally recommend. Talented guy. Funny, totally music savvy. Got a badge that I can’t tell you about!
— @MearnsRMPS
#SFANWO Anesti Danelis’ #EdFringe performance was so good I gave him the last of my cash - guess who’s walking home tonight! (Bye bye bus fare - totally worth it)
— @adainwanderland
Go #IntoTheUnknown with @AnestiDanelis show Songs for a New World. Great musical comedy with a Canadian twist. Definitely recommend #fuckingmovebitch #sfanw @edfringe
— @esdubyar
@AnestiDanelis you were fantastic! Anyone at @edfringe you should see this man. Very lol 😂
— @dawniecarter
Brilliant @AnestiDanelis
— @chrisball14
Brilliant comedy. Excellent start to the day @anestidanelis #edfringe #edfringe2018 #comedy #acoustic #music #songwriter #originalsongs #sfanwo
— gary (instagram)
@anestidanelis Brilliantly funny gig. Go check him out.
— Stuart (instagram)
Relaxing with a cup of Isle of Harris gin tea at @eteaket reflecting on the best show I’ve seen at the free fringe this year! Go see it if you can manage, think along the lines of David O’doherty! #fringe #edinburgh #edfringe #songsforanewworldorder #freefringe #funny #comedy #music #hilarious #bestshowsofar #2018 @anestidanelis
— @ritalipscomb (instagram)
#Edfringe Show Alert!
Fantastic Free Fringe available, including the talent that is @AnestiDanelis performing #sfanwo at @HanoverTap . Despite one of his guitar strings breaking, the music and comedy was on point! Well worth a visit! @TheFreeFringe #intotheunknown
— @StonesBird
Wonderful 3-day jolly to @edfringe Particular delight to take a chance on Free Festival musical comedian @anestidanelis and discover a gem! Hilarious, talented, charming, Canadian. His show Songs For A New World Order #sfanwo has an extra week. See it before he goes back to Canada!
— @Julietyes
Funny, enjoyable, memorable too..loved it! What a voice, I could just keep listening..
— @Gymealily1

Songs for a New World Order
@ the 2018 Montreal Fringe

Electronic Press Kit

Click button below for the electronic press kit containing: Press release, promotional photos, show trailer, show reviews, and company bio.

Show Dates

  • June 07 - 7:45pm
  • June 08 - 11:15pm
  • June 09 - 1:30pm
  • June 10 - 9:15pm
  • June 15 - 8:45pm
  • June 16 - 11:30pm
  • June 17 - 5:00pm
Montreal Fringe Poster

Venue: Black Theatre Workshop Studio (Venue #08)

3680 Jeanne-Mance Street. Suite 460
Montreal, QC H2X 2K5