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"brilliant blend of sharp wit, optimism and perfectly dark humour"
★★★★★ - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
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"the audience were completely enamoured by the pretty flawless songs… a master of his craft"
★★★★ - Mumble Comedy
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“Catchy tunes that had the audience howling… wildly inventive weirdness”
- Mooney On Theatre
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"Anesti Daniels delivers the funny with a hefty side of heart.
Not only were his songs expertly composed, the lyrics we’re freaking hilarious"
- Mooney On Theatre
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"Danelis is goofily charming and self-deprecatingly hilarious as he works his way through a series of comedic songs"
(A-) - My Entertainment World
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"Blessed with a lovely voice, really good timing, and an excellent deadpan"
- Cult MTL

Chortle article: NextUp films 14 fringe shows for streaming

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*Best Comedy Show Nominee - Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Amused Moose Comedy Awards Finalist 2018
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*Best Variety Act Nominee (results June 2019)
Canadian Comedy Awards 2019
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*Best Fringe Festival Production Nominee
*Best Leading Actor (Musical) Nominee
Broadway World Regional Awards Montreal 2018
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Audience Praise

Audience reviews for ‘Six Frets Under’ pulled from twitter and instragram (under #SixFretsUnder), and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website.

Just watched @AnestiDanelis at the Hanover Tap at the #edinburghfringe Great show, carry on like that and you’ll be at the Grand in a couple of years
— Mark H
Just been to see @AnestiDanelis at #edfringe. Amazing show. Very funny. Everyone should go see him at @HanoverTap
— Kerry G
Second day @edfringe with totally original, hilariously funny @AnestiDAnelis being the standout show of the day. #mustgosee
— Alan B
Honestly one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a while. So unique and refreshing and had my sister and I pissing ourselves! Please check it out!
— Madeline S
Laughed hard. A fantastic talented musician, and great laugh-out-loud comedy. Anesti stringed together his songs and story and comedy perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed this, would see it again in a heartbeat, and if I could only see one show - this would be it. So go!!!
— Emily B
I saw this show because I saw him last year, and it did not dissapoint! It was hilarious and I really enjoyed the way he made use of all the instruments. I highly reccomend this show to anyone looking for a great hour of comedy music.
— Jessica D
Second year in a row and @AnestiDanelis was even funnier this time round at @edfringe! Hilarious, and very relatable songs! Highly recommended!
— Mr O'Neill
Hey #edfringe2019, you NEED to check out @AnestiDanelis’s hilarious #SixFretsUnder at the Hanover Tap. You’ll laugh a whole damn bunch the whole time
— Clare B
Second time of seeing Anesti and he doesn’t disappoint
— Angie V
While there are no easy fixes to life’s big Qs and feelings of existential dread, @anestidanelis’ delightful #fringeTO show #sixfretsunder will make you feel way less alone abt it all. Funny, clever, musical & heartfelt.
— ausma m
Still laughing and worried, what happened to Prim!? Go see @AnestiDanelis @Toronto_Fringe #fringeto #funnymusicman
— elisa a
#FringeTO Tweet Review - ANESTI DANELIS: SIX FRETS UNDER brings strong musical comedy, with a wide range of instruments in a cozy yet packed room. @AnestiDanelis is so earnest, brings on the funny lyrics, and wins over the audience. #EdFringe2019
— tim p
@AnestiDanelis musical comedy at @Toronto_Fringe is wonderfully weird, very funny, and full of goats.
— ilana l
Just saw @AnestiDanelis at #fringeTO and was blown away!
— shannon k
Every line, so clever, so funny, and oh yea, some amazingly lovely melodies!
— Bree A.
Anesti Daniels #SixFretsUnder was a lot of fun... Kind of like a Lonely Island/Julian Smith mashup.
— Joy T
Highly recommend!! Six Frets Under @AnestiDanelis @Toronto_Fringe
— musonda y
It’s imperative that you see @anestidaniels’ hurt-your-face-from-smiling “Six Frets Under.” It’s going to @EdFringe for a good reason: it’s perfect!
— @withoutayard
Last night I got to see Anesti Danelis: Six Frets Under #TorontoFringe and it was ahhhhmazing!! Musical comedy magic 💫
— kelly t
First tweet after three years is a shout-out to @AnestiDanelis for a great #FringeTO show last night!
— iriss j

Audience reviews for Songs For a New World Oder pulled from twitter and instragram (under #SFANWO), and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website.

Would highly recommend @AnestiDanelis at @edfringe! My face is sore from laughing. Great musical comedy! #Fringe #SFANWO
— @moneilled
Anesti Danelis. Must see at the Fringe #SFANWO
— @financialbird
Wow! @AnestiDanelis absolutely amazing - side splitting @edfringe a must see!!
— @quickdrawradio
With one day remaining finally made it to @canadahubfringe to see @AnestiDanelis... did not disappoint, excellent musical comedy from the six! #EdFringe #freefringe
— @kaylakurin
@AnestiDanelis Very clever lyrics. Enjoyed immensely
— angela (twitter)
Loved the show @AnestiDanelis #sfanwo Check it out if you’re in town! #fringe #musicalcomedygenius
— @helenroutledge
Great hour of original unique musical comedy. Highly recommended. #SFANWO #edfringe2018
— @orchardgeorge1
Just saw @AnestiDanelis @edfringe totally recommend. Talented guy. Funny, totally music savvy. Got a badge that I can’t tell you about!
— @MearnsRMPS
#SFANWO Anesti Danelis’ #EdFringe performance was so good I gave him the last of my cash - guess who’s walking home tonight! (Bye bye bus fare - totally worth it)
— @adainwanderland
Go #IntoTheUnknown with @AnestiDanelis show Songs for a New World. Great musical comedy with a Canadian twist. Definitely recommend #fuckingmovebitch #sfanw @edfringe
— @esdubyar
@AnestiDanelis you were fantastic! Anyone at @edfringe you should see this man. Very lol 😂
— @dawniecarter
Brilliant @AnestiDanelis
— @chrisball14
Brilliant comedy. Excellent start to the day @anestidanelis #edfringe #edfringe2018 #comedy #acoustic #music #songwriter #originalsongs #sfanwo
— gary (instagram)
@anestidanelis Brilliantly funny gig. Go check him out.
— Stuart (instagram)
Relaxing with a cup of Isle of Harris gin tea at @eteaket reflecting on the best show I’ve seen at the free fringe this year! Go see it if you can manage, think along the lines of David O’doherty! #fringe #edinburgh #edfringe #songsforanewworldorder #freefringe #funny #comedy #music #hilarious #bestshowsofar #2018 @anestidanelis
— @ritalipscomb (instagram)
#Edfringe Show Alert!
Fantastic Free Fringe available, including the talent that is @AnestiDanelis performing #sfanwo at @HanoverTap . Despite one of his guitar strings breaking, the music and comedy was on point! Well worth a visit! @TheFreeFringe #intotheunknown
— @StonesBird
Wonderful 3-day jolly to @edfringe Particular delight to take a chance on Free Festival musical comedian @anestidanelis and discover a gem! Hilarious, talented, charming, Canadian. His show Songs For A New World Order #sfanwo has an extra week. See it before he goes back to Canada!
— @Julietyes
Funny, enjoyable, memorable too..loved it! What a voice, I could just keep listening..
— @Gymealily1